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Paris-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform offering crop detection and monitoring solutions. Uses automated analysis of satellite, weather and soil data. It contributes to sustainable growth and accurate management in agriculture by providing real-time crop monitoring and predictive modelling.

Who is part of the team?

  • Ruben Sabah-Commercial Director 
  • Victor Lamendin-CPO  
  • Jean-Baptiste Kopecky-CTO
  • Banquete Rémi- Business Development Director
  • Clémence Mercier- Sales Manager Zheni Valerieva- Sales Manager
  • Delphine Becker- Sales Manager
  • Anne-Laure Didon-Product Manager
  • Victoria Mayer- Product Manager 
  • Clément Routier - UX and UI Manager 
  • Paul Blondel - AI and Software Director
  • Mariot Tistoara-Software Engineer
  • Hout Radounae-Software Engineer 
  • Kelig Lesourd-Data Engineer
  • Matthieu Marionneau-R&D Manager
  • Carine Poncelet-Senior Data Scientist
  • Kevin Potard-Senior Data Scientist
  • Romain Demoulin-PhD student (CIFRE)  
  • Luis Menard-Marketing Manager
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