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Explore the FIWARE cosmos. Uncover how FIWARE is fostering interoperability and playing a pivotal role in the La Vega Innova initiative. Benefit from the guidance of industry experts and use our training programmes and tutorial links to get to grips with this ground-breaking technology. Welcome to the FIWARE era!

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What is FIWARE?

FIWARE is an open-source initiative aimed at expediting the development and management of smart and interconnected applications. Rooted in open standards and state-of-the-art technologies, FIWARE offers a sturdy platform for crafting innovative solutions in domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood, and Smart Energy, among others.

FIWARE presents a suite of potent components that empower developers to tackle a broad spectrum of technological challenges. From Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability to real-time data processing, big data analytics, and real-time contextual information integration into your applications, FIWARE makes it all achievable.


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Plataforma Fiware

FIWARE La Vega Innova Platform

La Vega Innova is characterised by its commitment to avant-garde technology, and its choice of FIWARE is proof of this. FIWARE is more than just a technology; it is a catalyst for digital transformation, supplying the essential tools to devise smart solutions in the AgriFoodTech sector.

Its emphasis on interoperability and adaptability, courtesy of its NGSI-based standard, enables us to tap into boundless potential. Its open architecture and development standards facilitate the creation of highly flexible and scalable solutions, laying the groundwork for collaboration and innovation.

In line with this, the La Vega Innova FIWARE platform has been established as the digital nucleus of the iHub, capable of aggregating, processing, and disseminating diverse sources and streams of information for subsequent analysis and presentation. This aids in collaboration, functional and operational decision-making, and data analysis. With a user-friendly interface and sophisticated tools, the technology platform offers a unified FIWARE ecosystem where startups, researchers, and practitioners can effectively collaborate to elevate their ideas.


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Why choose FIWARE?

  • Limitless agricultural connectivity: FIWARE encourages the use of intelligent data models to manage contextual information in sectors that lack standards, such as the agricultural sector.
  • Open and Ready-to-use Modules: FIWARE provides modules that are already developed and ready for use. These modules are open, royalty-free, and publicly accessible in GitHub repositories.
  • Based on NGSI: This standard fosters compatibility and interoperability among IoT systems and devices, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among different components of an IoT ecosystem.
  • A standard backed by the EU: Although not owned by a single entity, FIWARE is backed by the European Union and embodies its strategy for standardising the Internet of Things. 
  • Supported by Smart Cities: Over 250 cities are already utilizing FIWARE, along with other successful sectors such as Industry 4.0, the energy sector, tourism, and healthcare, among others.
  • Power in collaboration: A community exists to promote, disseminate, support and fund developments based on this technology, thereby increasing its utility and appeal.

— Are you a startup? Interested in the world of FIWARE? Promote your product/service with FIWARE through our certification process! Receive the support of the FIWARE Foundation with the FIWARE Ready or Powered by FIWARE label and gain visibility for your solution in the global FIWARE marketplace and in La Vega Innova’s own marketplace, with the potential for a physical presence in the iHub showroom. We also have mentors who can speed up the process for you.

Certification Stages


Mentoring Requirements

Interested parties should apply for access to the FIWARE Tech Programme via


Analysis Meeting

The first meeting will include an introductory presentation of FIWARE technology and an analysis of the product to be certified.


Needs Analysis

In the second meeting, the schedule for the working sessions will be agreed upon and the various objectives will be outlined.


Regular Meetings

Weekly follow-up is conducted in two 4-week cycles to achieve the defined objectives.


Product Validation

Application for the FIWARE Validation Seal of approval.


FIWARE Marketplace

Become part of the La Vega Innova marketplace with your powered by FIWARE or FIWARE-Ready seal.

Recommended Resources

We have some interesting links for you. While tutorials are a great starting point for exploring technology, we suggest mentoring at our centre for a more enriching experience. You will be supported by field experts who will guide you through training and one-to-one mentoring to effectively develop smart solutions.

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The Community

At La Vega Innova, we view community as the catalyst for innovation. Our diverse network of start-ups, researchers, mentors and agricultural professionals forms an ecosystem rich in knowledge and experience. Here, members can collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and tap into unique opportunities for professional and business growth. The iHub community is more than just a group of individuals; it is a united force dedicated to transforming and advancing the agribusiness sector.

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Be part of a vibrant FIWARE German-Speaking Network: next meeting awaits!

Our vibrant German-speaking FIWARE Network is expanding rapidly, creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and innovation. If you’re looking to connect with like-minded professionals, discover the latest industry trends, and explore potential partnerships, here is a chance. DACH Network will gather again on March 12th Darmstadtium/Frankfurt Region, Germany during the the Data Spaces Symposium (DSS24).

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Explore 250+ cutting-edge products on FIWARE Marketplace

Embark on an innovation journey through the FIWARE Marketplace, now featuring a whopping 250+ new products that redefine possibilities! Discover recent additions like Interact City FIWARE bridge and Solar Station Helios.

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FIWARE Accelerator Programme: paving the way for growth and innovation in 2024

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme, a vibrant community of catalysts for growth and innovation, is gearing up for an impactful start in 2024.

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