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Learn everything you need to become part of the change in the agri-food sector.

Agrotech Training Program

Here you can access our courses. The different training events in which you can participate, organized by La Vega Innova or of special interest to the sector.

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agricultura de preción

Precision farming

Application closed
Get started in the use and interpretation of data from sensors used in agricultural machinery and its management on FIWARE platforms

soluciones digitales para el sector ganadero

Development of digital solutions for the livestock sector

Application closed
Discover how to incorporate digital concepts and techniques applied to precision livestock farming.

Curso AUV

Unmanned Aerial Platforms in Agriculture

Pending to establish a new date

Get introduced to the use of data from sensors onboard UAV platforms used in the agroforestry sector.

Digitalización de la protección de cultivos

Digitization of Crop Protection

Application closed
Learn the tools and platforms to enhance data analysis capability in the agricultural environment.

Asistentes virtuales

Virtual Assistants: Applications in the Agri-Food Sector

Application closed
Introduction to chatbots as a strategic technology for implementing decision support systems in the agri-food sector.

Data Analysis and Deep Learning with Python

Application closed
Enhance your digital skills related to data analytics through the Python language, the most widely used language in data science and deep learning.


A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest innovations and technologies in the agri-food sector, providing participants with essential tools and knowledge to drive sustainable growth and efficiency in their fields of work.

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Access to Advanced Technology: Learn to use the latest technologies and innovative tools specifically tailored to the agri-food sector.

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Expert Mentorship: Receive guidance and practical advice from leaders and experienced professionals in the industry.

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Professional Networking: Connect with a diverse network of professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts, expanding your opportunities for collaboration and growth.

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Development of Practical Skills: Acquire practical skills directly applicable to your projects and professional challenges in the agri-food sector.

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Target Audience

La Vega Innova courses are specially designed for a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts in the agri-food sector. From farmers, agricultural engineers, agricultural technicians, livestock breeders, and veterinarians to entrepreneurs, researchers, as well as professionals in the livestock and agricultural industry and students interested in precision agriculture and innovative technologies. They are also ideal for IT professionals seeking to specialize in technological solutions applied to agriculture, as well as for agricultural and livestock policy makers and public officials wishing to better understand the impact of technology on sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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