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A Granada-based initiative that supports the primary sector with a digital tool aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of agri-food producers. It provides guidance, consultancy, and software to foster an ethical and sustainable production model.

Who is part of the team?

  • Natalia Valle Aguirre - Finance
  • Cristina Mellado Fernández-Palma - Technical Team 
  • Alejandro Roca Puertas - Technical Team  
  • Santiago Corral Rodríguez - Sales Team
  • Timm Dunker - Technical Team
  • Alberto Rodríguez Quílez - Implementation and Support Team
  • Ulises Vidal Sanz - Implementation and Support Team
  • Alejandro Wonenburger García - Coordinator
  • Sergi Roca Puertas - Technical Team


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Plant on Demand






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