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Antonio José García Jiménez has been with Telefónica for an impressive 33 years and is a key leader in the Innovation, Marketing and Southern Planning Centres.

His commitment and experience, spanning from July 1990 to the present day, solidify his position as a cornerstone of the company. Garnering significant recognition for his ability to inspire and lead teams, Antonio is known for his receptiveness to challenges and his knack for instilling enthusiasm for achieving goals. His strategic approach to marketing and his capacity to foster an environment where employees feel secure and supported have made him an extraordinary leader. Testimonials, such as that from David Jiménez Braojos, highlight his active listening skills and his ability to discern the true needs of a situation, positioning him as the ultimate mentor. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, Antonio José García Jiménez is an invaluable mentor for any acceleration programme, offering a rich strategic perspective and exceptional commitment to team and project development.

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Antonio José García Jiménez

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