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Carlos Escribano Oloriz is a passionate and seasoned Account Manager and Business Development Consultant, currently serving as the Head of Sales Central Territory at Telefónica.

CWith a solid professional track record of over 6 months in this role, he has demonstrated his ability to lead face-to-face sales teams, manage large accounts and continue to contribute to business development. Previously, for more than 2 years, he was the Head of Key Accounts at Telefónica, reinforcing his experience in the telecommunications field. Before Telefónica, he worked as an Account Manager at Vodafone Business, where for 2 years and 10 months he played a crucial role in managing technology communications for multinationals, with a focus on business transformation and innovative use of technology. With a career that includes significant roles at Telefonica USA, Inc, Hotwire Communications LLC, and Swire Properties, Carlos has gained experience in global account management, business development, and telecommunications coordination. His educational background includes an Executive MBA from IESE Business School, reflecting his commitment to professional growth and his aspiration to become a future business leader. His openness to learning, his ability to work in teams, and his interest in acquiring new skills and technologies underline his proactive and development-oriented approach. In summary, Carlos Escribano Oloriz is a professional with extensive experience in account management and business development, backed by a solid background and a clear commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

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Carlos Escribano Oloriz

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