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Carmen Mansilla Prieto is a multifaceted and self-reliant professional, known for her dedication and innate communication and interpersonal skills.

Her organizational and problem-solving abilities are noteworthy, and her constant pursuit of growth and learning reflects a non-conformist spirit that drives continuous improvement. With a substantial professional background in the technology sector, she has adapted to evolving and dynamic environments, showcasing her positive attitude, spirit, and commitment in every situation. Currently, she plays a crucial role in the Operations department of Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s technology integrator, coordinating visits to the Digital Operations Centre (DOC), where cybersecurity and cloud operations are managed for clients, contributing to the digital transformation process of companies. Carmen exemplifies the blend of technical and human skills that make her a valuable asset in dynamic business environments such as the technology sector.

Carmen Mansilla Prieto mentora-la-vega

Carmen Mansilla Prieto

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