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Jorge Sánchez Valverde, currently serving as the Customer Experience Director at Telefónica with over 6 years of experience, is a notable leader in the implementation of a global customer experience across digital channels.

Throughout his career, he has successfully spearheaded personalized digital experiences for more than 35 million active customers, achieving a 30% increase in digital sales. His leadership has been instrumental in driving key convergence and personalization programs. Prior to his current role, he held significant positions as the Head of Business Operations (Omnichannel CX) and Director of Business Development at Digital Telco Experience - Novum. He also made impactful contributions as the Managing Director at Tuenti, enhancing the digital value proposition, and as the Director of International Operations and Business Development, leading the global expansion of Tuenti as an MVNO. Jorge Sánchez Valverde's extensive background encompasses academic roles and serving as an Angel Investor in projects such as Crusoe Treasure Underwater Winery. To summarise, he has made a significant impact on customer experience, digital development and international expansion.

Jorge Sánchez Valverde mentor la vega

Jorge Sánchez Valverde

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